Wait List: Stop Waiting, Start Living

Tired of waiting in line? Introducing Wait List, the revolutionary digital signage app that transforms the queuing experience for both businesses and customers.

Save your customers valuable time with Wait List. Allow customers to register their place in line and enjoy the freedom to do other things while they wait.

For Customers


To join the Wait List, customers simply need to provide their mobile phone number and name (optional). For table reservations, they can also select the number of people in their party.

Customers can then continue shopping, run errands, or do whatever they need until they receive an SMS or WhatsApp notification when their turn arrives.


One-touch, customizable Waitlist Management Console empowers staff to efficiently manage customer flow.

Preset actions: Recall customers with a single tap, offering options like:

  • 5-minute alert: Notify customers their turn is approaching.
  • Ready now: Mark the customer as ready for their turn.
  • Remove from list: Remove the customer from the waitlist.

For Businesses

Wait List is Perfect For:

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