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Wisar Digital is a whole new way to think about location-based advertising. This self-service digital signage platform will allow your business as well as other businesses to display eye-catching advertisements on a 32-inch smart screen for all of your customers to view. The best part? The screen is funded by WIsar Digital to qualifying businesses, subject to making money from our networks advertising, and it gives you the potential to receive a share of that revenue generated by ads from other local companies.  

This simple platform enables your customers to advertise their business products or services at any of our nationwide locations from as low as $10 per month per digital advertisement.  


32" Ad Display

If your business experiences steady foot traffic, Wisar Digital will provide you a 32″ digital signage screen that will be paid for by 3rd party advertising.

Just Add Power & Internet

All we need is power and a stable wireless or hard-wired connection to the Internet, and we'll handle the rest.

Free Onsite Maintenance

With three years of onsite hardware maintenance included, there is no need to worry about the screen failing.

Revenue Share

Wisar Digital will give you two complimentary Ad Slots as well as a share of the advertising revenue.

For Business Owners

Get a screen for your business

If your business receives a steady volume of location-based customers, we’d love to hear from you. Wisar Digital is perfect for waiting rooms, restaurants, storefronts, automotive shops, grocery stores, and any small business that wants to get the word out about products and services while receiving extra revenue.

Our model is simple: you provide the location, power and a stable Internet connection, and we will provide a  32″ commercial display, a wall mount and installation.  

We will then open up the display to allow other local businesses to advertise their products and services through your digital signage platform, and in return we will give you a share of the advertising revenue along with two complimentary advertising slots for your business.


You can also customize the border graphics with your company logo and color scheme to enhance your brand.


Finally, you will have the opportunity to advertise on displays at other locations locally or nationwide.

For Advertisers

Place your own advert

You’ve seen those notice boards in restaurants, shops and other public places, Wisar Digital brings that concept to the modern world of digital signage, Digital out of Home (DooH) advertising.

Placing a digital ad is easy! Scan the QR code shown on the screen at any of our locations and sign up for an account.  Alternatively you can sign up and register right ‘here‘.  Once you have an account, you can submit your ad to appear on the display(s) at any or all of the local or nationwide locations you choose.


Scanning the QR code will allow you to see each ad that has been placed.


With ad placements costing as low as $10 per month per display you can get your message out for the cost a grande latte and a muffin!

The on-screen QR code will enable the public to see each ad placed on that display. This will give customers who are in a hurry the opportunity to take all of the ads with them on their mobile device so they can review at a convenient time. 

Generate extra revenue now!